The latest report from the Financial Reporting Council encourages organisations to do more to report on their culture. Enlightened boards of Directors understand why, but the challenge is how? How do you report, measure and discuss something that is, by its very nature, in-tangible?

We’ve created our Belonging Framework for just that reason. Setting out your culture against our eight Parameters of Belonging defining ethos, we’ll show you whether your culture is helping or harming your business performance. We can ensure that you’re guiding your culture in the right direction, meaning what you say in policy is what you practice in action.

Governance can seem silent or invisible to many employees – but has a huge impact on effectiveness and reputation. Sometimes it’s only apparent in crisis.


  • Unwitting bad habits, such as risk of conflict of interest, or significant decisions going unchecked
  • Gulf between the Board and the front-line can mean high-level decisions are out of synch with reality
  • Leaders or managers surprised to find some aspects of business practice out of synch with new regulations or stated standards
  • Disconnection between strategy, culture and governance can mean poor results for customers, employees and investors

How we can help

The opportunity for frank exchange and confidential review of reality, through our Belonging Exploration workshops opens the discussion in a safe environment. A short consultancy review of process and common practice would give more practical insight. Longer term, working with the Board and leaders to relate governance, ethics and values to strategy.

"Commitment beats compliance. People do the right thing because they want to, not just because they have to."