Reframing belonging for hybrid work

Our sense of belonging affects every aspect of your business. It affects performance because it connects teams across all parts of the organisation.

How you operate, how you innovate, how you grow, how you support customers and communities.

Belonging is deep-rooted in us, complex and multifaceted. The ways in which belonging helps or harms your organisation may not be obvious at first sight. And the ways to accelerate or avoid pitfalls are not always signposted.

Here’s a look some of the belonging challenges that often prove the most critical.

Case Studies

UK Youth – Assessment

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Network Rail – Leadership and culture

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Berendsen – Vision, mission and values

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Area Media – Redefining belonging after merger: from values to action

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Restless Development – Values Day & Belonging Exploration

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About us 

Belonging Space is a culture consultancy specialising in nurturing a sense of belonging.  We work with companies to help people pull together rather than apart – one-off workshops, leadership development, or solving deeper culture challenges like ethics, internal conflict, business transformation or post-merger and acquisition.

founded by Isabel Collins, a seasoned specialist with over 30 years’ experience.  Isabel says this was thanks to a Railwayman during a workshop nearly 20 years ago. We were talking about ‘brand’ with a rail company. “I don’t belong to a brand” he said “The most I know about a brand is the colour of my tie. I belong to the railways.”  Right there he summed up the power of belonging.

Our team

Isabel Collins

Isabel Collins is a specialist in culture, values and Belonging. With over 27 years’ experience, she knows best practice – and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Isabel loves getting people involved, facilitating candid discussion, and stimulating practical change that makes a real difference.

Andrew Gibbs

Andrew brings over 26 years’ experience in running creative agencies and leading projects big and small for clients in all kinds of sectors.

Andrew loves rolling up his sleeves in client servicing, finance, operations and business building.

Yasmeen Jones
Accounts and Administration

Yas keeps our accounts carefully in order. She matches precision with heart and makes sure we manage everything to suit each client’s systems.

She has the neatest desk in the office and the warmest smile.

Ezri Carlebach

Ezri is our specialist in leadership and engagement communication. He helps us connect the big themes of strategy with everyday business.

He likes connecting people for fruitful collaboration within his wide network of contacts, through his current teaching practice, and from his eclectic reading list.


Barry Flack

Barry is our specialist in aligning HR interventions across the employee lifecycle that help create that sense of belonging, he supports us on recruitment, reward & recognition and talent management challenges.

He likes his HR technology, the spark of innovation that comes from collaborative working and bringing positive change to the workplace.

Olivia Gadd

Olivia is our specialist in culture, coaching and leadership effectiveness. She supports us when Boards, individuals and teams need to work on difficult issues or get unstuck.

She loves helping people to find their own solutions and pushing them to be bold in their thinking.

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