What do you value? Why does it matter? It is not enough to just list your values on your website and office walls. Instead you must say what you believe in and why you believe in it. It is the ‘what’ combined with the ‘why’ that makes up a company’s ethos. Values and purpose form ethos, which has a great influence on each of our eight Parameters of Belonging, affecting everything from leadership to camaraderie to decision making.

If you set out values that are connected with your strategy, and more importantly, ensure that you act on them, you’ll see that your sense of belonging is always helping, and never harming, your performance.

What we value, and what we believe in, is at the heart of belonging. But does everybody share the same ethos?


  • Inconsistent expression of ‘our values’ or ‘our principles’ in different contexts (e.g. website, corporate report, recruitment)
  • Lack of clarity, values based on assumption rather than articulation
  • Different basis for decisions in different parts of the business
  • Inconsistent experience for employees, customers and business partners leads to mistrust

How we can help

A cross-discipline Sounding Board of senior team, in our Belonging Exploration workshops, provides a strong foundation. Reviewing statements of what we value and identifying values in action. Comprehensive programmes to put values into action right through the business. Ensure reward and recognition are based on what we value, not just what targets we hit.

"We’re delighted that, as a result, our vision, mission and values are inspiring, in plain language, and relevant at a practical level within the business." - Birgitte Skade, Marketing Director, Berendsen