Advanced Communications Skills for Leaders

Leadership communication is one of the most common problems clear and compelling communication is essential for leadership. Without this, however good your strategy, or however clever your corporate story, the organisation simply does not work properly. It’s the glue of a sense of belonging, pulling everybody together.

That’s the purpose behind our programme of advanced communication skills for leaders.

In fact, communication is leadership. Verbal or non-verbal, face-to-face or on an enterprise social network, in town hall presentations or by the water cooler, every act of leadership is infused with and inseparable from the communication that conveys it.

Symptoms you may recognise

  • Poor leadership communication, and lack of awareness of impact, can cause confusion or even distress. Symptoms include:
  • Leaders communicating without context
  • Focusing on data and diagrams with neither narrative nor empathy
  • Dislocated or contradictory messages
  • Broadcasting without listening to concerns
  • Instruction with no invitation
  • Lack of awareness of impact

The affect on corporate culture is drastic. Disconnected or disgruntled employees, low engagement scores, silos between departments, people don’t understand how their efforts contribute to the whole.

At worst, poor communication can make people feel that they don’t belong.

Good communication, and especially leaders’ everyday face- to-face interaction, holds together culture and belonging.


Advanced communication skills is a transformative approach designed to serve the unprecedented challenges that leaders face today. We combine small-scale personal interactions, sensitive listening and agile negotiation with formal presentations, story-crafting and facilitating large audiences.

What we cover

We incorporate a range of skills to enable leaders with both competence and confidence as communicators.

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Formal presentation and informal conversation
  • Awareness of self and impact
  • Face-to-face, on paper and online
  • Speechwriting
  • What makes a story, how to craft and share your story
  • How to involve your audience
  • Avoiding clutter, making the tune sing above the noise
  • Ensuring memorable impact of your key points
  • Tone of voice
  • Feedback and responsiveness
  • Sensitive listening
  • Agile negotiation
  • Communicating on the spot

The Process

Our process works through a series of sessions over a few weeks, coaching leaders as a group, as well as individually. Shorter sessions allow for more intense learning, with room to absorb and consolidate between them. 1-to-1 work nurtures personal style and confidence within a corporate approach.

  1. Group session 1
  2. Individual coaching (1.5 hours each in between session 1 & 2)
  3. Group session 2
  4. Group session 3
"The art of communication is the language of leadership" - James Humes