The Belonging Litmus Test

The Belonging Litmus Test gives you a fast, cost-effective overview of culture across a department, a location, or a team.

It can help identify and address specific challenges, for example, to address collaboration across silos or geographies, in response to internal conflict or after periods of merger activity.

It’s a quick assessment of the Parameters of Belonging¬© and their impact on your organisation. It pinpoints the ways belonging is affecting daily business practice and effectiveness.

We look at eight parameters around Ethos that form our sense of belonging.

Against these we examine people’s perceptions, interactions, unconscious habits and daily work.

The process should reach at least 5% – 10% of employees. Depending on scale it will take 4 – 8 weeks to cover our six steps.

The Process

1. Initial discussions
We set the foundations, get an idea of the sorts of parameters to look for, and inform the detail and the next step.

2. Observations
We drop ourselves into your organisation and observe how your colleagues interact.

3. Discussion Groups
These short sessions dig a little deeper and wider, giving us richer qualitative input in the authentic voice from inside the business.

4. Survey
To gain wider reach, building on some of the themes gleaned from observations and discussion, this provides us with quantitative data.

5. Analysis
We consolidate all the input, pull the various data together into a meaningful summary, pinpointing the commercial impact of culture.

6. Report back and discussion
We take you through the report, show how your culture is helping, and harming, your business, and give you some quick wins to get things moving in the right direction.

"We have many different pockets of culture across the business, this is a great way for us to see what's going on."