Belonging Workshops

Participation – finding the answers inside your team – is one of our hallmarks. 

The best way to examine culture and belonging is to involve people.

Belonging, after all, is participatory: culture isn’t something that happens to you, it’s what you do and how you all behave.

Our workshops are designed to encourage practical and active participation.

We make it possible for teams to open up knotty issues quickly and confront them with candour. Together, we pin down priorities and move people to commitment and action.

Our workshops are suitable for leadership, divisional senior team, and cross-discipline teams. They work as one-off events as foundation for decision-making, and can be slotted into conferences or team away-days.

Belonging Exploration

A one-day session to explore the foundations of how belonging helps or harms your business. 

‘Thinking hats’: strategy and belonging

A sequence of activities and discussions to examine how culture supports strategy, what’s working and where to improve. 

Using different thinking styles and challenging from various perspectives.

Best as two part-day sessions, with reflection in between.

Belonging, ethics and governance

Suitable for Board level or operational leadership, this is a practical examination of ethics in action. Based around daily business practice to identify the kinds of ethical dilemmas that may be common – but not conscious. Ethical risk-assessment and mitigation. A foundation  for developing a culture of ethics.

An intensive one-day session with part-day follow-up.

"We achieved more in two hours with you than in the last two years"