Leadership Conferences

How do you get the biggest impact and most value out of putting together your senior leadership for your annual conference?

NOT sitting and listening to endless PowerPoint presentations.

Active involvement, problem solving and commitment are the hallmarks of our conference approach. This is because the answers to tough strategic challenges are inside your leadership team. 

Yet many businesses still spend a big budget on grand stage-sets, glossy environments and big profile motivational speakers, on top of the cost of a couple days’ time of a couple of hundred leaders.

The best way to examine culture and belonging is to involve people. 

Your annual leadership conference is a unique opportunity for leaders to exchange and examine how culture, strategy and vision all work together.

It’s the depth of exploration and the quality of conversations by leaders that will make the difference.

What will we do?

  • We devise content and activities for a dynamic, impactful and cost-effective conferences.
  • We create a programme and develop materials, liaising with your production company or venue.
  • We prepare with exec leadership to provide the right challenges for leaders to focus on business priorities in the coming year.
  • We coach and train senior team to co-facilitate and lead the sessions.
  • We produce and support the final event. We ensure preparation before and follow-up afterwards with all delegates, in order to gain commitment and effect real change, rather than just ‘having a great day’.
"That was, without doubt, the best conference we've ever had. It exceeded all expectations."