Leadership & Culture

Creating a sense of belonging poses a challenge for leaders: leading and being part of culture at the same time. We have a range of interventions to support leaders. Our team’s high level expertise brings broad and deep specialism. Our approach is practical, relevant and effective.


Our approach

Network Rail leadership conferences
Dynamic participatory event, with leaders facilitating activities in four zones, no sitting listening to presentations.
Achieved objectives 100% two years running.


Berendsen vision values into action
Developed techniques, trained 150 Values Ambassadors, established progress-monitoring, for company Europe-Scandinavia wide.


Restless Development
Belonging Exploration to enable leadership to reflect on culture, framework for assessment, and opportunity to connect with strategy and governance.

  1. Foundations of culture

A range of skills and techniques for leaders to review and embed culture.

  • Leadership competence and confidence
  • Preparing Non-Exec Directors to lead culture
  • Improving employee Engagement


  1. Leadership Conference and Focus

Active participation, dynamic immersive events, sharp focus on priorities, leading by demonstration and involvement.

  • Planning – concept, content and approach
  • Coaching – involving leaders in preparation, coaching facilitators
  • Running – on-site support, rehearsals, stage management


  1. Harmonising Culture

Bringing teams together, so people can move smoothly between them.
Increase cooperation, improve knowledge-sharing, and accelerate innovation.

  • Leadership workshops, Belonging Exploration
  • Belonging framework and culture mapping
  • Connecting culture, strategy and governance
  • Strengthening community within and between teams
  • Advanced communication skills for leaders, Team Brief


  1. Culture and Values Assurance

Providing methods and means to assess characteristics and impact. How culture is helping or harming your business? Ensure company culture lives up to promises and helps to deliver commercial success.

  • Measurement and impact assessment
  • Reporting on Culture
  • Promoting the value of values
  • A culture of ethics, safety and sustainability
"As CEO everything you say is amplified manifold and the say / do ratio is what really matters" - Javed Ahmed, CEO, Tate & Lyle