The Belonging Framework

We identify the impact of belonging on everyday business, so that Directors can read the symptoms and see ahead to consequences. This prevents risk, rather than seeing it in retrospect after a scandal.

Our framework gives the key reference points of a sense of belonging. We assess how culture affects strategy and governance, as well as how it helps or harms your business.

We use this as a basis for several layers of support in the Belonging Framework© programme.

The way Board Directors can mitigate risk, improve decision-making, strengthen governance, and steer away from pitfalls and towards success.

Our steps make it possible to see the otherwise invisible threats and intangible assets of culture.

Step 1: Board Preparedness
We work with the Board to ensure competence and confidence with culture and assessing its impact on performance.

Step 2: Framework – The Parameters of Belonging©
We assess how your culture is helping or harming your business. Our model shows specific characteristics, providing evidence for investors, employees, customer and regulators looking into your values, vision and strategy.

Step 3 Gaining commitment throughout the business
Working with teams to put belonging into action, at the heart of the organisation. We put ethos into practice, making it relevant to daily business. We work with leaders to simulate collective commitment and a shared from the boardroom to the front line.

Sustaining a healthy culture
Steps 1 to 3 integrate ethos and belonging into the organisation. We’ll show teams how to reinforce belonging in practical performance, including rewards, accountability, daily habits and interactions. This helps everybody focus on what you value and how you do things, creating a healthy culture that prevents risk and sustains long term value.

"A healthy culture both protects and generates value. It is therefore important to have a continuous focus on culture rather than wait for a crisis." - Sir Winfried Bischoff