How do you change something you can’t see, hear or touch? How do you shape something that is simultaneously shaping you? How do you lead on culture?

We answer all these questions and more in our board readiness sessions. Culture belongs to everybody, not just leaders. We believe when you lead on belonging, you must ensure that the process is inclusive, from the very top to the bottom. This creates a shared ownership, making the sense of belonging that much more powerful. We work with board members to get them confident and competent when it comes to culture.

Leadership is so tightly wrapped in belonging that any challenges can have a company-wide impact.


  • Lack of clarity about who’s responsible leads to ‘not my problem’
  • Inconsistent style, even conflicting expectations, between divisions or regions
  • Lack of focus leads to constipated decision-making and initiative diarrhoea
  • Central command-and-control creates paternal/maternal dependency
  • OR equally damaging… Devolved leadership creates Barons and fiefdoms without interdependency between them

How we can help

Pulling leadership together in our Belonging Exploration workshops is a great foundation. Combine this with input from across the business to the Belonging Litmus Test to get a more rounded picture of what’s working and what’s not.  Devise Leadership conferences that are active and challenging. Comprehensive programmes to ensure leadership supports belonging right across the business. Ensure reward and recognition are based on leading culture as well as commercial performance.

"The challenge is leading and belonging at the same time; shaping something that is simultaneously shaping you" - Isabel Collins, Founder, Belonging Space