A Thinking Partnership

In a close Thinking Partnership, we’ll work with you to look at specific plans in sharp focus, provide advice and ideas to think through challenges, and develop specific tactics and actions.

We’ll be your sounding board to develop content and strategy for you to implement within the business. This makes cost-effective use of short, intense input.

We’ll share methodology where it’s feasible for us to pass this on for you to implement, and we’ll advise which aspects need our closer involvement, or broader external support.

As well as addressing priorities, we can build a framework together for a more structured overview of culture and belonging. This is helpful to see how various strands of activity interact, to monitor progress, and to assess gaps and priorities for attention.


This is valuable to structure the conversation with board and senior colleagues around this critical area of the business.

We’ll look at how to gather support and build the case with senior team for next steps of development.

We’ll consider appropriate approaches internally, for example, how to phrase or manage the discussions to build understanding and commitment.

Overall, then, our Thinking Partnership provides a mix of insight, problem solving, and sharing techniques, as well as moral support!

A thinking partnership provides:

  • Focus and clarity
  • Challenge to your own thinking
  • Guide to good practice and avoiding pitfalls
  • Inspiration from specialist expertise
  • A safe place to air ideas or frustrations
  • A practical incubator to fast-track developments
  • A sounding board to refine strategy and content
  • Confidence for self-sufficiency
"It was invaluable to have your external objectivity, and impartial specialist expertise as a close parter. You brought clarity, focus and structure to the conversation with the board which I could not have done as a lone voice." - Anna Smee, CEO, UK Youth