Developing Health and Safety Cultures

Safety works when we include everyone, every day, everywhere. That means sharing a sense of belonging, from accountants to engineers, across offices and construction sites. Beyond the obvious frontline risks, safety needs a systemic view of impacts. Disconnection between teams is one of the big threats to safety. Without interdependent environments our safety systems break down.

The solution requires active discovery, challenging assumptions and shared ownership. It is only when we are all responsible in an interdependent culture that we can achieve a safer, healthier, workplace.

This is why safety depends on a shared sense of belonging.

Our programmes involve all your people, engaging everyone in making safety a top priority. We can provide you with the tools to implement a safety culture within your business, or we can take a more active role. Either way, it’s important we work closely with your team, providing them with the relevant support at the right time.

Where should I start?

Safety Culture Assessment:
Audit of your current H&S situation, review safety and wellbeing, examine policies, Sounding Board review. Through this we will define where you are now, and where you need to be, providing recommendations on how to get there.


Providing the tools for a Health and Safety Culture:
Safety Assessment, followed by interviews and workshops, creating a programme to embed the desired H&S culture into your employees daily business lives. A team of local change agents to carry out the programme. We provide the tools for your team to take this on and run the project themselves.


Setting a Health and Safety Culture:
Again, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your H&S situation as it as and as it needs to be. We’ll then work with your people, and a team of local change agents to carry out our programme. In this instance, we’ll run the project.

"Safety doesn't happen by accident"