Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Belonging means being part of a group, sharing the confidence, security and allegiance that brings. Belonging is both individual and collective. It’s deeply programmed in our tribal nature.

Diversity and inclusion describe characteristics: belonging is much more personal and emotive, it runs deeper.

Belonging is really where it all comes together: unity from our diversity, effectiveness from inclusion. A positive sense of belonging carries directly into morale, productivity and effectiveness.

Belonging is about commitment: from the employer to the employee, from employee to employer, and from employees to each other, to the business, and to communities they serve.

It’s how we achieve high performance and how we win.

Where should I start?

Diversity assessment:
Look at existing data, pinpoint any aspects of feedback on this topic. Identify where to look deeper and closer, background look against our model, review policies for accountability and ethos, peer group review and a session with a sounding board. This will show you where you are, and where you need to be, alongside recommendations of how to get there.


Diversity into action toolkit:
We’ll assess the current state of belonging, diversity and inclusion, and devise a plan to reach aspirational levels. Then, we’ll create a toolkit to move people from A. to B. We do the initial exploration and aid the team to develop values that are appropriate for their business and strategy. Then, we create workshops and materials, training your team in the implementation turning values into action.


Putting diversity into action:
As with the diversity into action toolkit, but the implementation phase is run by our team, rather than training your team.

“Diversity efforts fall short unless employees feel that they belong... Yes, diversity and inclusion matter, but it’s how we help each other feel that we belong on the team, in our community, and in the organisation that matters most.” - Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer at Service Now, then CHRO at LinkedIn