Our ethics programmes are aimed at catching your people in, not catching them out. We drive commitment in your employees ensuring they understand the relevance of the rules.

This helps your people avoid doing the wrong thing by equipping them to better navigate the grey areas, where ethical dilemmas are most prevalent. That’s the best way to avoid ethical contraventions and keep on the right side of the regulator.

We help clients with challenges ranging from providing an objective view of their current ethical climate to large scale ethical change programmes. The question is often where to start. Our ethics assessments and ethics workshops are designed to give you a solid foundation for developing a culture of ethics.

Where should I start?

Ethics Workshop:
Suitable for Board level or operational leadership, this is a practical examination of ethics in action. Based around daily business practice to identify the kinds of ethical dilemmas that may be common but not conscious. Ethical risk-assessment and mitigation. A foundation for developing a culture of ethics. Intensive one day session with part-day follow up.


Ethics Assessment:
An assessment of your current material alongside an ethics matrix workshop, assessing priorities and implications. This identifies potential content for boards to report on whilst also highlighting strengths, risks and providing specific recommendations for improvement


Content for Code of Conduct:
We’ll conduct an ethics assessment, alongside workshops and interviews, from these we’ll help to write short scenarios putting the code of conduct into daily business actions and your organisation’s natural voice.

"Doing the right thing doesn't automatically bring success but compromising ethics almost always leads to failure"