Research shows that boards know culture is important. It’s high on the agenda for most board rooms. However, we’re also seeing that little action is being taken beyond the board room to affect change within businesses, so why is this?

Leaders often don’t know where to start.

Culture is such an all encompassing, and apparently etherial, concept that its difficult to have the right conversations without getting lost in details or down connected tangents.

We help organisations to host the conversation, whether that’s in the board room, with the executive team, with your larger leadership group or with the whole organisation. We’ll provide structure for your conversations, help everyone see the connections between the more removed parts of culture, and devise programmes to help your people deliver the culture your business aspires to.

Where should I start?

Belonging Exploration with Senior Team:
We take your senior leadership team through our Belonging Exploration. They’ll examine the culture as it currently stands, look at where the ideal culture needs to be, and begin to draw up a plan to move everything to the aspired culture. Two sessions with a week between.


Leadership Conferences:
We design a conference for your leadership group of up to 400 people. We’ll cover 4 key strategic messages, embedding them into your leadership team, and explaining how they can take this and push it out further within their areas.


CEO Thought Partner:
We’re here to help on all cultural issues that may arise. For a retainer fee you get direct time with our Founder to help guide your culture. In our own time we’ll get acquainted with your business so we’re up to speed whenever you need us.

"The challenge is leading and belonging at the same time; shaping something that is simultaneously shaping you"