Start Ups

Culture can be a catalyst for growth or it can stop your business in its tracks. In the journey to scale-up and grown-up how do you keep the right elements of your culture?

It’s common for start-ups to feel culture challenges very quickly, even at the size of 20 people, certainly by 40 or 60, the business will need more formal systems and discipline; but the people who started-up may be mavericks who thrive on the adrenaline of spontaneity and resist what they perceive as ‘constraints’.

As you grow, it’s possible that you are unwittingly importing aspects of other companies’ culture, without realising. Hence the culture clashes arise.

Our programmes provide you with the tools to correctly navigate your way through the jungle of corporate culture. We’ll help you become confident that you can deal with any cultural challenges that should arise.

Where should I start?

Culture Infrastructure:
We put in place all the policies and processes that you will need as you grow. Working with your team we’ll put in place everything you will need for your company to maintain a healthy culture for success as you grow. Amongst other elements we’ll look at Code of Conduct, expected behaviours, and your vision, mission and values.


Thought Partner:
We’re here to help on all cultural issues that may arise. For a retainer fee you get direct time with our Founder to help guide your culture. In our own time we’ll get acquainted with your business so we’re up to speed whenever you need us.


Founder’s Bootcamp:
Over an immersive weekend you’ll learn everything you need to know about culture and belonging. You’ll learn how to establish values and principles, build your policies, embed behaviours, guide ethics within your business and build an infrastructure for belonging and culture at your organisation.

"Don't fuck up the culture" - Peter Theil, Angel Investor, to Brian Chesky, Airbnb