#1 How to… Strengthen belonging while we’re apart: The poetry and plumbing of belonging

We look at the key aspects of our Belonging Framework, – the habits, interactions, routines, formal and informal communities.  ensuring clarity, communication and care throughout your organisation

Get the key things right so you can keep everybody together – and be in much better shape to thrive as we move through the next challenges.

Who’s this for?

  • This is particularly useful for a tight partnership between Internal Comms and HR.
  • Relevant to all senior managers with responsibility for people, culture or productivity.

What will you gain?

  • This is a great way to review what’s in place, what you need, learn from what a few other companies are doing well.


Session preparation and support materials


  • Checklist briefing input; Quick chat by phone


  • Rapid learning of key principles, so you can put into action
  • Discussion on critical points, prioritise your implementation 
  • Template to capture your notes 


  • Short summary of principles, techniques, key points from discussion


To book a session please contact isabel@belongingspace.com

“Sort out the ‘Poetry and Plumbing’ of belonging – to make sure everybody remains connected and supported”