Team Cohesion

Are your recently formed teams working together to deliver what they’ve promised? Have you recently merged departments, or combined a newly acquired team into an already standing one? Are you wondering how to bring your newly formed Joint Venture team together? Has the rapid growth of your business brought in lots of new personnel? With our team cohesion programme you can make sure they set off on the right footing, ensuring they work together in the right way to deliver the promised added value.

On Belonging Space’s team cohesion programme, we take you out of your comfort zone to a quirky activity designed to test your teamwork skills. Either side of the activity, we’ll run coaching sessions, focusing on skills around collaboration, looking at communication, empathy, give-and-take, and reading people’s responses.

All our activities require close exchange, focus between participants, empathy, communication, and creativity. These aspects will challenge and nurture the individual and interpersonal skills that are essential for collaboration.

Belonging Space’s approach is participative and inclusive. We don’t take you off for activities that only a few people will excel in, or that require specific expertise or physical stamina, such as mountain climbing in Wales or highly competitive sports. We recommend building an event, or series of sessions, around an activity that is inclusive, varied and that people are likely to be equally unfamiliar with.

What do you get?

  • Unique tailored collaboration coaching with a memorable activity
  • Stretching team members comfort zones to form a new comfort zone as a team
  • Team bonding, trust, ease of exchange
  • Team able to communicate and collaborate properly
  • A high-functioning, confident, competent, cross-discipline team

Some of our activities include:

  • Improvisation
  • Circus Skills
  • Escape rooms, problem solving
  • Challenge Zones
  • Art and sculpture
  • Neuroscience of change and teams
  • Gamelan Orchestra
  • Conducting and singing
  • Magic
  • ‘Day in the life’ film-making
"You know which activities will work well with our people and our challenges, and which will not. Your guidance is valuable. You can see ahead to how this will work in practice with our people" - Network Rail