#3 How to… Manage with connection, confidence, and compassion

How the sessions work

Managers are the engine of belonging. In many organisations they’ve kept functional teams together well.  But as isolation continues, the risk of fragmentation increases. The challenge is joining up between parts of the business, supporting managers to sustain front-line performance and well-being.

This session focuses on helping managers sustain Connection, Community, and Care. A chance for managers to reflect on some of their new challenges and try out approaches outside their previous comfort zones.

Select modules from options for the best use of 1 or 2 hours. You might like to book a sequence of sessions covering different themes.  This is partly scenario-based, from participants’ advance input.

Who’s this for?

  • Senior and middle managers
  • Ideally up to 12 people, ask about larger groups

What will you gain?

  • Greater confidence and competence in key skills to nurture belonging
  • Individual learning, peer-to-peer exchange, cross-fertilisation of practice

Choose optional modules, or a series of sessions to cover several topics


  • Reinforcing cooperation in the habits and rhythm of your team’s work
  • Keeping everybody joined-up within and between teams
  • Clarity on priorities, while sustaining ethics
  • Managing and communicating around uncertainty


  • Maintaining fairness and autonomy within teams
  • Navigating the blurred territory between work and home
  • Productivity with a responsible view of well-being
  • Forming communities of interest and ally-ship


  • Establishing psychological safety
  • Ensuring Open Talk
  • Being aware of your team’s emotional triggers and how to manage them
  • Listening with empathy, a supportive ear to individual as well as work challenges

Session preparation and support materials


  • Checklist briefing input; Quick chat by phone


  • Rapid learning of key principles, so you can put into action
  • Discussion on critical points, prioritise your implementation 
  • Template to capture your notes 


  • Short summary of principles, techniques, key points from discussion


To book a session please contact isabel@belongingspace.com

“My job now is far less about telling people what to do. The best thing I can do for my team is just… listen” Manager in a recent session