#4 How to… Keep people ‘Doing the right thing’: Values and purpose in action

About the session

While everybody is dispersed, it’s easy to slip to individual interpretation of what ‘doing the right thing’ means.  This session makes sure that values, ethics and purpose remain at the heart of belonging. We look at new challenges in the blurred hybrid world of work, home and shifting circumstance.  We work through the key considerations and priorities for you to implement.

Setting a culture of commitment so everyone is responsible and responsive – you can’t prescribe for everything that can go wrong.

This is partly scenario-based, we’ll gain your input with our short prep in advance.

Who’s this for?

  • Best as a cross-team leaders’ session, especially HR, Comms and ethics leaders.
  • Also relevant for senior and middle managers
  • Suitable for larger group online AwayDay

What will you gain?

  • You end up with the priorities for both principles and action
  • A sharp focus on what matters, keep everybody On Purpose and upholding what you value
  • In uncertain and fragmented times, reaffirm the bonds of unity and continuity

Session preparation and support materials


  • Checklist briefing input; Quick chat by phone


  • Rapid learning of key principles, so you can put into action
  • Discussion on critical points, prioritise your implementation 
  • Template to capture your notes 


  • Short summary of principles, techniques, key points from discussion

Choose participants and length

  • 1-hour or 2-hour session
  • 1-to-1 or group sessions
  • Groups up to 12, functional teams or cross-discipline (email to discuss modification for larger groups)


To book a session please contact isabel@belongingspace.com

“Our culture guides our behaviour, even more than ‘The Rules’. 
Online and hybrid culture is the same: leaders reinforcing ‘the right thing’ in action is critical.”