#7 How to… Welcome new colleagues at distance

About the session

When ‘joining’ is still separated, it’s harder for new people to get onboard and to feel, quickly, they belong to your organisation.  This session moves swiftly through key checkpoints. Set the practical experience for new starters during isolation or within a hybrid work environment.

Work through how your business can invite and welcome new people, from accepting a job, to pre-join, to Day One, Week One and first couple of months.  And how to bring a personal touch even if you can’t be there face-to-face.

Who’s this for?

  • HR managers, Department or Function Heads

What will you gain?

  • This session ends with a checklist of actions, principles and ideas for you to take away
  • A basic template allows you to develop your plan and the implement it internally

Session preparation and support materials


  • Checklist briefing input; Quick chat by phone


  • Rapid learning of key principles, so you can put into action
  • Discussion on critical points, prioritise your implementation 
  • Template to capture your notes 


  • Short summary of principles, techniques, key points from discussion


To book a session please contact isabel@belongingspace.com

“It’s personal… Once I received the box of kit - at my door via FedEx - I really felt valued and part of the team” MBA graduate in her first job, quoted Financial Times