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How to create a hybrid belonging space beyond workspace?

A series of short, sharp sessions to help you reframe belonging for our times – quickly and pragmatically.

We share our expertise, training you to self-manage internally. A mix of insights, learning, and co-creation against our practical check-list. Helping you rapidly review what’s working, what’s missing and how to tighten up both the poetry and plumbing of belonging.

We’ll match your schedule as far as possible.

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  6. Add additional hour(s) of briefing time for a more tailored session, to dig into particular angles, or for more in-depth follow-up materials.

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Telephone: 07792 433680 or  0207 833 6420

Each session ends with a short follow-up of actions for you to manage internally. Versions designed for specific needs of executive board, senior leaders or line managers. Pick 1 hour one-to-one or 2-hour group sessions. Run by our founder, leading specialist in belonging, Isabel Collins.